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Dongguan Kanghai Hardware Products Co., Ltd. Kanghai prestige brand urn is a professional manufacturer of high-end, luxurious and exclusive "Paradise mansion", which is the choice for children to honor their parents and cherish the deceased. Kanghai Weishi urn is made of high specification, fine workmanship and extravagant design. The material used is high-purity brass. It is produced by the national treasure level integrated precision casting process. At present, 11 kinds of bone ash boxes suitable for different regions and ethnic customs in China are launched. Yikang Haiwei regards the brand as the representative of the cinerary casket funeral supplies, which is based on the Chinese folk customs, combined with modern funeral etiquette and Chinese traditional culture. The cinerary casket represents not only the respect for the past, but also the high remembrance of the past. It perfectly explains the true meaning of "the old man drives the crane to the sky, and the world pursues longevity". Innovation is the cornerstone of the development of Kanghai prestige. Kanghai Weishi ash box adheres to the attitude of continuous improvement, adheres to the use of superb earnings, and completes every production link. The company is committed to building a trustworthy brand for domestic customers with "quality-oriented, service-oriented"!

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